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Eco+Plan specializes in creating affordable,  superinsulated and zero energy homes. These homes are both energy and resource efficient, utilizing advanced building techniques and local natural resources.

Renewable & Durable Materials

A sustainable building must use materials that are renewable and durable. It must have a lifespan longer than the period required to regenerate the materials it uses.  With energy and transportation costs on the rise, Eco+Plan believes in using local, natural, materials as much a possible.  We believe that this approach yields the most sustainable materials while supporting the local economy as well.

Renewable Energy

To be truly sustainable, a building must consume energy in a sustainable manner.  We therefore promote the use of renewable energy resources and encourage our clients to plan ahead for a switch away from fossil fuels.  Alternatives include: wood & pellet stoves, masonry heaters, solar hot water panels, air-to-air heat pumps, geothermal heating, photovoltaics, and wind & microhydro turbines.

Energy Conservation

Every sustainable home design must start with a superinsulated building envelope and reduced electrical consumption.  Eco+Plan uses energy modeling and estimating software to optimize our home designs.  We offer guidelines and techniques for reduced energy consumption, and help our clients to choose between the many energy saving and energy producing systems available, right down to the appliances.

Passive solar, earth bermed pottery studio with a living roof