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Virtual Construction

Eco+Plan uses 3-D modeling software to design its homes.  This helps our clients to visualize their designs.  However, it also helps to identify potential problems before they are encountered in the field.  It is cheaper and easier to make changes in the computer than on the construction site.

Building System

Eco+Plan has extensive experience with various alternative building systems.  Through optimizing your building system and your approach to construction Eco+Plan can maximize your construction dollar.  We are designing superinsulated buildings today that cost less to construct than many conventional, non-superinsulated buildings.

Energy (Cost) Conservation

Our energy efficient building techniques save money both during  construction and afterwards when they are occupied.  With the addition of a renewable energy  system these homes can easily achieve energy independence.

Cost Effective

Mortgage-funded projects will benefit directly from monthly energy savings, effectively increasing the monthly income at their disposal.

Any energy conserved is money saved, whether a client is using conventional fuels or anticipating a switch to renewables. 

Eco+Plan will work with clients to reduce their energy consumption.  With our energy consumption database we can look at your lifestyle requirements and model various efficiency scenarios providing you with realistic guidelines and goals for a reduced energy lifestyle.  This is particularly helpful for clients interested in investing in a renewable energy systems or in living "off-grid".

Superinsulated home construction in Greenfield, MA